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We offer a BS in applied mathematics which is is flexible and intensive. Along with the required core courses, students may choose electives in mathematics, computer science, physics, earth and environmental sciences, biophysics, economics, business and finance, or other application fields.

We offer graduate studies leading to the Master of Science (MS), Master of Philosophy (MPhil), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees.

The Program in Applied Mathematics at Columbia University, which hosts the Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees in applied mathematics, sits in the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics (APAM) of the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS). The core group of faculty members of the Applied Mathematics Program, many of whom have joint appointments over different departments in SEAS, have research expertise covering mathematical analysis, partial differential equations, numerical analysis, probability, dynamical systems, multiscale modeling, high performance scientific computation, and numerical optimization with applications in optics and photonics, material science, machine learning, data science, imaging science, biology, and climate modeling, to name some examples.

Revitalize the Sciences

Three goals for the Biden administration as it seeks to put science-based responses at the center of its policy initiatives. More
Jan 21 2021 | Adam Sobel | Columbia News

Drowning in Disinformation

Prof. Chris Wiggins collaborates on a white paper issued by CRA’s Computing Community Consortium addressing how we can stop the deluge of disinformation More

Disrupting Disinformation

Prof. Chris Wiggins has six ways to understand and combat online disinformation. More
Nov 16 2020 | By Mindy FARABEE | Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chris Wiggins

Sobel on CNN Newsroom

Prof. Adam Sobel appeared on the CNN Newsroom today to discuss Joe Biden's stance on climate change. More
Sep 14 2020 | CNN Newsroom

From The Top Down

“The profound link between global warming and ozone-depleting substances is only now beginning to be appreciated,” says Prof. Lorenzo Polvani. More
Aug 07 2020 | Columbia Engineering Magazine

Holding Back The Tide

Prof. Kyle Mandli & Prof. Daniel Bienstock are part of a team of Columbia engineers that are working to protect NYC and other places from coastal flooding. More
Aug 05 2020 | Columbia Engineering Magazine

New Faculty Member: Lu Zhang

The APAM Department is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Lu Zhang as the Ju Tang Chu and Wu Ping Chu Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics More
Jul 01 2020