Our faculty are leaders in the fields of applied mathematics and atmospheric science.

Daniel Bienstock:  Applied mathematics, methodology and high-performance implementation of optimization algorithms, applications of optimization: preventing national-scale blackouts, emergency management, approximate solution of massively large optimization problems, higher-dimensional reformulation techniques for integer programming, robust optimization  

Liliana Borcea (starting Spring 2024): Wave propagation in random media with applications to wave based imaging and free space optical communications;  Inverse problems for hyperbolic, elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations;  Data driven reduced order modeling and applications to inverse problems;  Scientific computing.

Qiang Du: Numerical analysis, mathematical modeling and scientific computation with selected applications in physical, biological, materials, data and information sciences

Xuenan Li: Applied Mathematics, Calculus of Variations; Partial Differential Equations; Elasticity Theory; Mechanical metamaterials, particularly in their static and dynamic behavior.

Lorenzo M. Polvani: Atmospheric and climate dynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics, numerical methods for weather and climate modeling, planetary atmospheres

Kui Ren: Numerical analysis, scientific computation, applied analysis and partial differential equations, inverse problems and imaging, random graphs and networks, kinetic modeling and simulations

Adam H. Sobel: Atmospheric and climate dynamics, tropical meteorology, extreme weather

Marc W. Spiegelman: Advanced computation for multi-physics problems with applications to coupled fluid-solid mechanics in Earth Sciences (e.g. magma dynamics, carbon sequestration

Michael Tippett: Predictability and variability of the climate system, with emphasis on the application of statistical methods to data from observations and numerical models

Shanyin Tong: Applied and computational mathematics, in particular on uncertainty quantification, PDE-constrained optimization, optimization under uncertainty, rare events and inverse problems

Michael I. Weinstein: Applied and fundamental mathematics, partial differential equations, multi-scale analysis, dynamical systems; waves in nonlinear, inhomogeneous and random media; applications to optics and photonics, quantum and fluid systems

Chris H. Wiggins: Applied mathematics, mathematical biology, biopolymer dynamics, soft condensed matter, genetic networks and network inference, machine learning

Drew Youngren: Microlocal Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Mathematics Education

Cross-Cutting Research

Our faculty's cross-cutting research addresses key and emerging areas in society, such as energy, environment, and health