E.g., 06/23/2024
E.g., 06/23/2024
An invited review article titled “Advances in Experimental Study of Grain Growth in Thin Films,” was recently published in JOM.
May 14 2024
Michael Weinstein and colleagues published a mathematical theory that demonstrated how to engineer a 2D non-magnetic photonic crystal in which… More
May 14 2024
Stephanie Malek has won the Simon Prize for the most outstanding dissertation in the APAM Department.
May 13 2024
The new technique can modify the nanostructure of bulk and 2D crystals without a cleanroom or expensive etching equipment.
May 7 2024
Materials Science seniors presented research projects at the annual Columbia Senior Design Expo on May 2, 2024.
May 6 2024
Meet the 2024 undergraduate award winners!
May 3 2024
Photos from a dinner honoring graduating seniors
Apr 19 2024
The results, continuing the legacy of late Columbia professor Aron Pinczuk, are a step toward a better understanding of gravity.
Mar 28 2024
Columbia Quantum Initiative
Adam Sobel writes, "It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when thinking about the damage that might be wrought by global warming — but that is missing… More
Mar 19 2024
Researchers create a compact, all-optical device with the lowest microwave noise ever achieved for an integrated chip.
Mar 15 2024