E.g., 12/04/2020
E.g., 12/04/2020
Isabel Baransky (B.S. Applied Physics '16), currently Vice President, Bank of America in San Francisco, has been named one of Forbes 30 Under… More
Dec 2 2020
Two papers authored by Prof. Qiang Du's CM3 group members and collaborators are among 51 articles listed in the SIAM Journals Top Three Most… More
Dec 2 2020
CM3 Group - Prof. Qiang Du
Learn about our upcoming Career Services Events for APAM Students
Nov 30 2020
Prof. Michal Lipson was named a 2020 Highly Cited Researcher. Lipson is the Eugene Higgins Professor of Electrical Engineering and Professor of… More
Nov 23 2020
Web of Science
Compelling new research from Prof. Lorenzo Polvani & Prof. Suzana Camargo - "Scant evidence for a volcanically forced winter warming over… More
Nov 20 2020
Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics
Prof. Chris Wiggins has six ways to understand and combat online disinformation.
Nov 16 2020
Columbia fusion scientists & students presented their latest results during the 62nd Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics
Nov 12 2020
Profs Keren Bergman, Alex Gaeta, and Michal Lipson win funding for phase 2 of their project, Photonic Integrated Networked Energy-efficient… More
Nov 12 2020
Columbia Engineering News
Press Release
Complex 3-D nanoscale architectures based on DNA self-assembly can conduct electricity without resistance and may provide a platform for… More
Nov 10 2020
Lipson, the first woman to win this award, is honored for her pioneering work in photonics.
Oct 30 2020