E.g., 10/02/2022
E.g., 10/02/2022
In the Media
Researchers at Columbia Engineering report that they have now invented just this kind of glass. Led by Nanfang Yu, associate professor of… More
Sep 30 2022
Qiang Du is involved in Columbia's Hybrid Twins for Urban Transportation project that determine how sensing data and machine learning can help… More
Sep 26 2022
Prof. Marc Spiegelman was elected as a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union (AGU
Sep 23 2022
According to a study published in Nature by researchers from Columbia Engineering and Harvard University, it's possible to examine the… More
Sep 15 2022
Adam Sobel is the 2022 recipient of the Jule Gregory Charney Lecture.
Sep 13 2022
Daniel Bienstock has been awarded the 2022 Khachiyan Prize for his fundamentalmethodological and computational contributions to optimization,… More
Sep 6 2022
Prof. Chris Wiggins, chief data scientist at the New York Times, was featured in the VentureBeat article, "How machine learning helps the New… More
Sep 6 2022
Mandli is part of an NSF funded large-scale project combining indigenous knowledge with climate science
Sep 1 2022
Mandatroy orientation sessions for new Columbia Engineering graduate students in the APAM Department will take place in the Mudd Buildding, 500… More
Aug 22 2022
Read Adam Sobel's latest op-ed in CNN on Inflation Reduction Act
Aug 15 2022
Adam Sobel, CNN Opinion