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APAM Department Research

The Department is a leader in advanced research including nanoscale science, advanced scientific computing, applied mathematics, earth science, plasma physics and controlled fusion, solid-state physics, optical and laser physics, medical physics, and materials for information technologies.


Faculty Members

The faculty members in the APAM Department are a vital and coherent group of active scholars, heavily involved in several interdisciplinary research areas including nanoscale science, advanced scientific computing, earth science, plasma physics, and materials for information technologies.

The Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics is unique, with vibrant academic programs and cutting-edge research spanning from applied physics, to applied mathematics, to materials science and engineering, and to medical physics. These efforts highlight our Department, as do the many interconnections between them.

Modeling ways to predict weather. Decoding the mathematics of cancer. Testing sophisticated solutions for developing nanoscale devices. Pioneering fusion energy. Those are just some of the extraordinary advances made in our Department.

I Got A $500K Deal On Shark Tank

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Building Tough 3D Nanomaterials with DNA

Columbia Engineers use DNA nanotechnology to create highly resilient synthetic nanoparticle-based materials that can be processed through conventional More
Mar 19 2021 | By Holly Evarts | Photos and Animation Oleg Gang/Columbia Engineering

Revitalize the Sciences

Three goals for the Biden administration as it seeks to put science-based responses at the center of its policy initiatives. More
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Fall 2020 Newsletter

Download the Fall 2020 Newsletter from the Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics Department, Columbia Engineering More
Jan 08 2021

Harnessing Quantum Properties to Create Single-Molecule Devices

Columbia team discovers 6nm-long single-molecule circuit with enormous on/off ratio due to quantum interference; finding could enable faster, smaller, and more More
Dec 07 2020 | By Holly Evarts | Image Credit: Julia Greenwald and Suman Gunasekaran/Columbia Engineering

Drowning in Disinformation

Prof. Chris Wiggins collaborates on a white paper issued by CRA’s Computing Community Consortium addressing how we can stop the deluge of disinformation More

Disrupting Disinformation

Prof. Chris Wiggins has six ways to understand and combat online disinformation. More
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Prof Oleg Gang Makes 3-D Nanosuperconductors with DNA

Complex 3-D nanoscale architectures based on DNA self-assembly can conduct electricity without resistance and may provide a platform for fabricating quantum More
Nov 10 2020 | By Ariana Manglaviti | Illustration Credit: Brookhaven National Laboratory