Program in Materials Science and Engineering

Welcome to the Program in Materials Science and Engineering in the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics.

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Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate curriculum in Materials Science is designed to provide the basis for developing, improving, and understanding materials and processes for application in engineered systems. It draws from physics, chemistry and other disciplines to provide a coherent background for immediate application in engineering or for subsequent advanced study.

Graduate Programs

Columbia’s program in Materials Science and Engineering offers a graduate program leading to the Master of Science (MS), Master of Philosophy (MPhil), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Doctor of Engineering Science (EngScD or DES) degrees.

Making faster transistors through laser crystallization of silicon. Creating new nanomaterials for batteries and other energy storage devices. Pioneering first-principles approaches to the design of new information storage materials. The Program in Materials Science and Engineering focuses on developing and understanding new and better materials for use in innovative engineering applications. Join us in advancing the foundational science that underpins everything built by humanity.

Yang Wins 3M Award

Yuan Yang, Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, has won a 3M Non-tenured Faculty Award. More
May 19 2021

Building Tough 3D Nanomaterials with DNA

Columbia Engineers use DNA nanotechnology to create highly resilient synthetic nanoparticle-based materials that can be processed through conventional More
Mar 19 2021 | By Holly Evarts | Photos and Animation Oleg Gang/Columbia Engineering
Press Release

Nano-objects of Desire: Assembling Ordered Nanostructures in 3-D

Scientists establish new nanofabrication platform for directing nanomaterial components of different natures into 3-D arrays with prescribed organizations; More
Jan 13 2020 | Team Photo Credit: Columbia Engineering | Assembly Schematic Credit: Brookhaven National Laboratory | Platform Schematic and Fluorescence Images: Courtesy of the Nature Materials Paper | VIDEO CREDIT: JANE NISSELSON/COLUMBIA ENGINEERING
Press Release

Porous Polymer Coatings Dynamically Control Light and Heat

New inexpensive, scalable design takes advantage of the optical switchability of porous polymers; could be used for heating, cooling, and lighting buildings, as More
Oct 21 2019 | By Holly Evarts | PPC Transparency Photo Credit: Jyotirmoy Mandal/Columbia Engineering | Thermoregulation Photo Credit: Jyotirmoy Mandal/Mingxin Jia/Columbia Engineering