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Prof Oleg Gang Makes 3-D Nanosuperconductors with DNA

Complex 3-D nanoscale architectures based on DNA self-assembly can conduct electricity without resistance and may provide a platform for fabricating quantum More
Nov 10 2020 | By Ariana Manglaviti | Illustration Credit: Brookhaven National Laboratory

Nano-objects of Desire: Assembling Ordered Nanostructures in 3-D

Scientists establish new nanofabrication platform for directing nanomaterial components of different natures into 3-D arrays with prescribed organizations; More
Jan 13 2020 | Team Photo Credit: Columbia Engineering | Assembly Schematic Credit: Brookhaven National Laboratory | Platform Schematic and Fluorescence Images: Courtesy of the Nature Materials Paper | VIDEO CREDIT: JANE NISSELSON/COLUMBIA ENGINEERING

Porous Polymer Coatings Dynamically Control Light and Heat

New inexpensive, scalable design takes advantage of the optical switchability of porous polymers; could be used for heating, cooling, and lighting buildings, as More
Oct 21 2019 | By Holly Evarts | PPC Transparency Photo Credit: Jyotirmoy Mandal/Columbia Engineering | Thermoregulation Photo Credit: Jyotirmoy Mandal/Mingxin Jia/Columbia Engineering

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