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Laser-driving a 2D Material

Columbia Engineers pair vibrating particles, called phonons, with particles of light, called photons, to enhance the nonlinear optical properties of hexagonal More
Jan 04 2024 | By Ellen Neff | Photo Credit: Pixabay

Seeing More Deeply into Nanomaterials

New 3D imaging tool reveals engineered and self-assembled nanoparticle lattices with highest resolution yet—7nm—about 1/100,000 of the width of a human hair More
Apr 13 2022 | By Holly Evarts | Photo Credit: Oleg Gang/Columbia Engineering

Yu Named 2022 Optica Fellow

Nanfang Yu has been named a 2022 Optica Fellow "for the invention and development of metasurfaces and their application to imaging and cooling". More
Nov 19 2021

Mauel Featured in Newsweek

"Delivery of the first ITER Central Solenoid module is an exciting milestone for the demonstration of fusion energy . . . " More
Jun 21 2021 | Newsweek

Building Tough 3D Nanomaterials with DNA

Columbia Engineers use DNA nanotechnology to create highly resilient synthetic nanoparticle-based materials that can be processed through conventional More
Mar 19 2021 | By Holly Evarts | Photos and Animation Oleg Gang/Columbia Engineering

Is Nuclear Fusion Finally Within Reach?

"Imagine a society where we don’t have to worry about the supply of energy or the cost of sustainability." - Michael Mauel, Professor of Applied Physics More
Sep 15 2020 | By Ryan Mandelbaum | Columbia Engineering Magazine

Prof Oleg Gang Makes 3-D Nanosuperconductors with DNA

Complex 3-D nanoscale architectures based on DNA self-assembly can conduct electricity without resistance and may provide a platform for fabricating quantum More
Nov 10 2020 | By Ariana Manglaviti | Illustration Credit: Brookhaven National Laboratory

Lipson on All Things Photonics

Prof. Michal Lipson was interviewed on the All Thing Photonics Podcast in the episode, “Silicon Photonics in the Fast Lane, Light on a Chip, and 20-Plus Years More
Sep 22 2020 | All Things Photonics

Quantum Leaps

There's much excitement about how quantum computers will transform communications technology. They may also very well hold a key to combating climate change. More
Oct 21 2020 | Columbia Engineering Magazine

Crunching The Numbers

Frictionless optical components increase computer performance while lowering energy consumption More
Aug 27 2020 | Columbia Engineering Magazine

Enabling New DNA-Based Therapy For Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery

Scientists designed a tunable peptide-like molecular coating that enables 3-D DNA origami to maintain their structural integrity and functionality in different More
Mar 13 2020 | By Brookhaven National Laboratory | Images Courtesy of Brookhaven National Laboratory

Beating the Heat in the Living Wings of Butterflies

Columbia engineers and Harvard biologists discover that butterflies have specialized behaviors and wing scales to protect the living parts of their wings. More
Jan 28 2020 | By Holly Evarts | Image Credit: Nanfang Yu and Cheng-Chia Tsai | Video Credit: Nanfang Yu and Jane Nisselson/Columbia Engineering

Nano-objects of Desire: Assembling Ordered Nanostructures in 3-D

Scientists establish new nanofabrication platform for directing nanomaterial components of different natures into 3-D arrays with prescribed organizations; More
Jan 13 2020 | Team Photo Credit: Columbia Engineering | Assembly Schematic Credit: Brookhaven National Laboratory | Platform Schematic and Fluorescence Images: Courtesy of the Nature Materials Paper | VIDEO CREDIT: JANE NISSELSON/COLUMBIA ENGINEERING

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