Okawachi Elected Optical Society Fellow

Oct 07 2020

Yoshi Okawachi, a Research Scientist in the APAM Department, was elected a fellow of The Optical Society “for pioneering contributions to slow light based on stimulated scattering and chip-based optical frequency combs.”

"OSA Fellows are members who have served with distinction in the advancement of optics and photonics. Fellows are selected based on several factors, including contributions to education, research, engineering, business and the community." (The Optical Society)

Dr. Okawachi, who works in Prof. Alexander Gaeta's Quantum and Nonlinear Photonics Group, researches optical frequency comb generation in silicon-based waveguides and microresonators, coherent computing based on degenerate optical parametric oscillation in microresonators, parametric nonlinear interactions in photonic devices, slow light, and all-optical signal processing using space-time duality techniques. He received his PhD in Applied Physics from Cornell University in 2008, was named a 2017 OSA Ambassador, and received the 2017 Tingye Li Innovation Prize.

Congratulations to Dr. Okawachi and the Gaeta Group!

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