Paz-Soldan Appointed Member of DOE Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee

Oct 24 2022

Carlos Paz-Soldan, Associate Professor of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics at Columbia Engineering, has been appointed a member of the Department of Energy's (DOE) Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee (FESAC).

The advisory committee, reporting to the Director of the DOE Office of Science, will provide recommendations and advice on technical, scientific, and programmatic issues relating to the DOE's fusion energy sciences program. Prof. Paz-Soldan will serve on the committee until June 2025.

Prof. Paz-Soldan’s research focuses on the dynamics of magnetically confined plasmas - especially the instabilities appearing in toroidal plasma configurations called tokamaks. Prof Paz-Soldan has pioneered techniques to destabilize unwanted populations of energetic electrons that appear after the tokamak plasma is shut down. Prof Paz-Soldan also has also contributed to the development of new control techniques for edge localized plasma instabilities. Prof Paz-Soldan runs a research group of students, post-docs, and research staff at Columbia University to advance the state of the art in these and other topics.

Professor Carlos Paz-Soldan

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