Coming Home to Math - Problems & Solutions

May 20 2021

Last year, Prof. Irving Herman published a semi-popular book for adults, Coming Home to Math.

The purpose of his book is to make adults with little technical training more comfortable with math, in using it and enjoying it, and to allay their fears of math, enable their numerical thinking, and convince them that math is fun. A range of important math concepts are presented and explained in simple terms, mostly by using arithmetic, with frequent connections to the real world of personal financial matters, health, gambling, and popular culture.

Problems are posed and solved in each chapter of Coming Home to Math, but because it is not a textbook there are no problems at the end of each chapter. Prof. Herman has just uploaded problems and solutions at that illustrate content in the book and that are designed to further math thinking and use; he will continually update them.

Book: Coming Home to Math: Become Comfortable with the Numbers that Rule Your Life, published by World Scientific

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Coming Home to Math: Become Comfortable with the Numbers that Rule Your Life

Prof. Irving Herman, Edwin Howard Armstrong Professor of Applied Physics and Chair of the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics

Coming Home to Math (Game Theory) - published by World Scientific

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