Barmak Named 2023 Fellow of ASM International Society

Apr 26 2023

(Updated 12/19/23)

The Board of Trustees of ASM International has elected Katayun Barmak, the Philips Electronics Professor at Columbia University, a Fellow of the ASM International Society.

The honor of Fellow recognizes her "distinguished contributions in the field of materials science and engineering and develops a broadly based forum for technical and professional leaders to serve as advisors to the Society," stated Sandy Robert, CAE, Executive Director of ASM International.

Professor Barmak's citation reads: "For seminal contributions to the study of solid-state reactions, phase transformations, microstructure evolution and structure-property relations in metallic films for electronic and magnetic applications."

Katayun Barmak holds the Philips Electronics Chair in the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University. She is a Professor of Materials Science and Engineering in the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics (APAM). She served as the Materials Program Director in APAM from 2013-2019.

Prior to her appointment to the Faculty at Lehigh University in 1992, she spent three years at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center and IBM East Fishkill development laboratory working on materials, structures and processes for field effect and bipolar junction transistors. She joined Carnegie Mellon University in 1999 and moved to Columbia University in 2011.

She received the National Young Investigator (NYI) award in 1994 and the Creativity Award in 2001, both from the US National Science Foundation. She was the recipient of an IBM Materials Research Community Visiting Scientist Award, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, 2004 (one of only two faculty awards made worldwide), and a Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Fellowship in 1994.

A major focus of her research is the study metallic films and nanowires. In addition to coauthoring a number of book chapters, she has co-edited and has authored three chapters in the book Metallic Films for Electronic, Magnetic, Optical and Thermal Applications: Structure, Processing and Properties. She has authored more than 200 peer reviewed publications and holds four patents.

Prof. Barmak received the ASM Fellow Award at IMAT’23 in Detroit, MI.

ASM International, formerly known as the American Society for Metals, is an association of materials-centric engineers and scientists.

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