Fall 2023 APAM News

Jan 12 2024

Fall 2023 Newsletter, APAM Department, Columbia Engineering

Message from the Chair

Dear APAM Community,

Greetings and best wishes for the New Year. The Fall semester in APAM was marked by significant activity, and through this newsletter, we aim to share the remarkable accomplishments of our students, alumni, faculty, and scientists. Additionally, we extend a heartfelt welcome to new members joining our department and bid farewell to those who have been longstanding friends and colleagues.

Across all three APAM programs—Applied Physics, Materials Science, and Applied Mathematics—faculty and students have been immersed in diverse scientific challenges. In this update, we present highlights including a wide range of activities in our burgeoning Plasma Physics program, advanced photonic devices for high-bandwith communication, and new applications of machine learning and AI in a range of scientific fields. We are also proud to announce numerous awards, honors, and leadership roles that showcase the dynamic and interdisciplinary strengths of the faculty and department. Moreover, we are thrilled to introduce several new faculty members to APAM, promising groundbreaking developments in novel quantum materials and applied mathematics.

While we embrace the fresh opportunities brought by new faculty, we also take a moment to pay tribute to cherished colleagues who have passed or recently retired. We mourn the loss and celebrate the life of Richard M. Osgood, Jr., the Higgins Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering and Professor Emeritus of Applied Physics at Columbia University, a trailblazer in laser and solid state physics and a valued member of the department.

Wishing everyone a year filled with continued achievements, growth, and discovery.

Marc Spiegelman 
Chair, Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences and
Professor of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics

Student & Alumni News

Faculty & Research News

Faculty Recognition

Navratil Wins 2023 FPA Distinguished Career Award

Sobel Named AGU Fellow

Billinge Named Flack Lecturer for the Swiss Society for Crystallography

Elizabeth Paul Wins DOE Early Career Research Award

Lipson & Gaeta Named 2023 Clarivate Highly Cited Researchers in Physics

Wiggins Tops the Lists


New Faculty

New Applied Mathematics Faculty Member: Liliana Borcea

New Applied Physics Faculty Member: Aravind Devarakonda

New Applied Mathematics Faculty Member: Xuenan Li


Faculty Research

Photonic chip enables faster and more energy-efficient artificial intelligence programs

A Scalable, Safer, and Potentially Cheaper Way to Isolate Valuable Isotopes

A New Year-Round Weather Regime Classification for North America

Barmak: Automated Grain Boundary Detection for Bright-Field Transmission Electron Microscopy Images via U-Net

Tippett: NOAA ENSO August 2023 Update: Greater Than 95% Chance of El Niño This Winter – But What Does That Mean?


Faculty Activities

4th Season of Deep Convection

Materials Science Demonstration and Presentation at the Spence School

Let's Talk Data

Science: The Universal Language

Journal of Catastrophe Risk and Resilience


Faculty in the News

Sobel: Why we’re seeing so many deadly floods

Gaeta & Lipson: Photonic Chip Enables Faster and More Energy-efficient Artificial Intelligence Programs

Paz-Soldan: New study shows how universities are critical to emerging fusion industry

Wiggins on Next Question with Katie Couric

Wiggins: What journalists should know about AI-generated disinformation

Wiggins: Ones and Zeros - The rise and rise and rise of data

Wiggins: Generative AI and the inclusive workforce

Wiggins: Airplane Books for Autumn Travel


In Memoriam:

Richard M. Osgood, Jr. (1943-2023)

Department News

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