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AM: Applied Mathematics
AP: Applied Physics
MP: Medical Physics
MSE: Materials Science & Engineering
NE: Nuclear Engineering
PP: Plasma Physics
QE: Quantum Electronics
SS: Solid State Physics


Year * Author Title Advisor Field
2024 Elder, Todd Three-dimensional magnetic fields: from coils to reconnection Mauel PP
Wang, Yi-Fang

Commissioning, Benchmarking and Clinical Application of a Novel Fiber Optic CT Scanner for Precise Three-Dimensional Radiation Dosimetry

Wuu MP
2024 Zhang, Qi Phonon Quasiparticle Studies of Anharmonic Properties of Solids Wentzcovitch MSE
2023 Carter, Michael Lightweight and Flexible Textile Metasurfaces and Array Antennas via Flat-Knitting Yu MSE
2023 Dinenis, Philip Forecasting Storm Surge Risk and Optimization of Protective Measures Mandli AM
2023 Huang, Heqing Efficient Optical Modulation and Complete Wavefront Manipulation Using Integrated Photonics Yu SS/OP
2023 Li, Huaiyu Study of Traveling Waves in a Nonlinear Continuum Dimer Model


2023 Malek, Stephanie

Nonlocal Metasurfaces for Active and Multifunctional Wavefront Shaping

2023 Mitevesky, Ivan Asymmetric and Non-monotonic Response of the Climate System to Idealized CO₂ Forcing Orbe/Polvani AM
2023 Saperstein, Alex Asymmetric Halo Current Rotation In Post-disruption Plasmas Mauel PP
2023 Tao, Songsheng Local structure of nanocrystalline, nanoporous, and heterogeneous functional materials: advancing tools for extracting order from disorder Billinge SS
2023 Xu, Wentao Multiscale Modeling with Meshfree Methods Fish/Spiegelman AM
2022 Cao, Wei

Spin-pumping effects in ferromagnetic thin film heterostructures measured through ferromagnetic resonance

Bailey MSE
2022 Ding, Wen

Computational Inversion with Wasserstein Distances and Neural Network Induced Loss Functions

Ren AM
2022 Du, Huang

Mathematical modeling of traffic flow for connected and automated vehicles


Hua, Xiang

Processing and Properties of Encapsulated van der Waals Materials at Elevated Temperature

Herman SS
2022 Hui, Zeyu

Continuum Level Physics-based Model on Understanding and Optimizing the Lithium Transport in High-Energy-Density LIB/LMB Electrodes


2022 Karp, Jonathan

Theoretical Studies of Unconventional Superconductivity in Materials with Strong Electronic Correlations


2022 Li, Kathy

Learning predictive models from menstrual cycle data

Wiggins AM


Ryoo, Chanyang

Development of Cut Cell Methods for Barrier Simulations with Shallow Water Equations

Mandli AM
2022 Ungar, Yocheved

Bacterial Spore-based Humidity Responsive Textiles


2021 Evans, Owen

Models of Reactive-Brittle Dynamics in the Earth's Lithosphere with Applications to Hydration and Carbonation of Mantle Peridotite

Spiegelman AM
2021 Keller, Rachael A Mathematical Study of Learning Dynamics Du AM
2021 Li, Hwi

Some Applications of Nonlocal Models to Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics-like Methods

2021 Oehrlein, Jessica

Sudden Stratospheric Warmings and Their Impact on Northern Hemisphere Winter Climate

Polvani AM
2021 Seren, Mehmet Hazar

A Rigorous Analysis of Diffraction Stress Formalism

Noyan MSE
2021 Sunku, Sai Swaroop

Twisted bilayer graphene probed with nano-optics

Bassov AP
2000 Brooks, John Active Feedback Control of MHD Modes and Plasma Rotation Using Currents Driven from a Bias Electrode Array Navratil PP
2000 Chen, Shaowen Transport Measurements of Correlated States in Graphene Flat Bands Dean SS
2000 Cheng, Zhengqian Variational discretized action theory Marianetti MSE
2000 E-Dean Fung

Three Tales of Two Theories: Experimental Investigations of Inelastic Charge Transport in Nanoscopic Junctions

Venkataraman SS
2000 Hu, Jiayang Two-Dimensional Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles at Liquid Interfaces Herman MSE
2000 Liu, Chia-Hao Development of small-angle scattering pair distribution function analysis techniques and application to nanoparticles assemblies Billinge SS
2000 Martin, Zane The Interaction of the Madden-Julian Oscillation and the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation in Observations and a Hierarchy of Models Sobel AM
2000 Ong, Peijie Optimization and characterization of noise for ion channel and carbon nanotube biosensing platforms Shepard SS
2000 Shrestha, Sajan Dielectric Metasurfaces for Optical Wavefront Manipulation Yu SS
2000 Stein, Oded Smoothness Energies in Geometry Processing Grinspun AM
2000 Yang, Long Local Structural Insights into Exotic Electronic States in d- and f-Electron Oxides with Joint Neutron and X-ray Pair Distribution Function Analysis Billinge MSE
2019 Banerjee, Soham Improved modeling of nanocrystals from atomic pair distribution function data Billinge MSE
2019 Bieli, Melanie The Extratropical Transition of Tropical Cyclones: Present-Day Climatology, Future Projections, and Statistical Prediction Sobel / Camargo AM
2019 Bullen, Peter Domain broadening in periodic poling of thinned lithium niobate and broadband stimulated Raman spectroscopy with incoherent stokes source for numerical analysis Kymissis SS
2019 England, Mark Understanding Observed and Projected Climate Changes in the Antarctic, and their Global Impacts Polvani AM
2019 Li, Jiao An h-box Method for Shallow Water Equations Mandli AM
2019 Lin, Yi Surface Electron Dynamics for Intercalated Graphene (and Other 2D Materials) on a Metal Template Osgood SS
2019 Mandal, Jyotirmoy Spectrally Selective Designs for Optical and Thermal Management Yang MSE
2019 Overig, Adam Multivariate Optical Wavefronts Generated by Dielectric Metasurfaces Yu SS
2019 Sharma, Roshan Biological Insights from Geometry and Structure of Single-Cell Data Pe'er AP
2019 Sinha, Anirban Temporal Variability in Ocean Mesoscale and Submesoscale Turbulence Abernathey AM
2019 Tao, Yunzhe Nonlocal Neumann volume-constrained problems and their application to local-nonlocal coupling Du AM
2019 Taylor, Jeffrey Sputtered thin film diffusion barriers for ohmic contact to silicon by platinum electrodes Im / Billinge MSE
2019 Wright, Christopher James Towards real time characterization of grain growth from the melt Billinge MSE
2019 Zhai, Haowei Designing Solid Electrolytes for Rechargeable Solid-State Batteries Yang MSE
2018 Berger, Amy Ayelet Temperature Driven Topological Switch in 1T’-MoTe2 and Strain Induced Nematicity in NaFeAs Pasupathy/Barmak MSE
2018 Kim, Chanul Predicting the temperature-strain phase diagram of VO$_2$ from first principles Marianetti MSE
2018 Li, Zhaoyi Functional Metasurfaces Towards Applications:  Optical Modulation, Integrated Photonics and Biomolecule Sensing Yu SS
2018 Lipat, Bernard Quantifying and Understanding the Linkages between Clouds and the General Circulation of the Atmosphere Tselioudis AM
2018 Qi, Hongjian Computational genomics and genetics of developmental disorders Shen/Wiggins AM
2018 Shi, Norman Nan Biological and Bioinspired Photonic Materials for Passive Radiative Cooling and Waveguiding Yu MSE
2018 Terban, Maxwell Characterizing the Atomic Structure in Low Concentrations of Weakly Ordered, Weakly Scattering Materials Using the Pair Distribution Function Billinge MSE
2018 Wang, Dennis Optical and Electronic Studies of Air-Sensitive van der Waals Materials Encapsulated by Hexagonal Boron Nitride Herman/Pasupathy SS
2018 Wong, Vernon Melting in Pulsed-Laser Irradiated Polycrystalline Silicon Films Im MSE
2017 Byrne, Patrick Study of External Kink Modes in Shaped HBT-EP Plasmas Mauel PP
2017 Choi, Wilkie Magnetic Feedback Control of 2/1 Locked Modes in Tokamaks Volpe PP
2017 Galwaduge, Pubudu Optimization of Two-Photon Excited Fluorescence for Volumetric Imaging Hillman/Herman SS
2017 Eckerle, Kate Capriccio For Strings: Collision-Mediated Parallel Transport in Curved Landscapes and Conifold-Enhanced Hierarchies Among Mirror Quintic Flux Vacua Greene/Keyes AM
2017 Hammond, Kenneth Heating and stability of Columbia Neutral Torus stellarator plasmas Volpe PP
2017 Jin, Wencan Electronic Structure and Surface Physics of Two-dimensional Material Molybdenum Disulfide Osgood SS
2017 Kornbluth, Mordechai Anharmonic phonons in graphene from first principles Marianetti SS
2017 Li, Haixing Electronic properties of molecular silicon Venkataraman SS
2017 Ozen, Hasan Long Time Propagation of Stochasticity by Dynamical Generalized Polynomial Chaos Expansions Bal AM
2017 Rastogi, Chaitanya Accurate and Sensitive Quantification of Protein-DNA Binding Affinity Bussemaker/Bienstock AM
2017 Rhodes, Dov Shaping effects on resistive instabilities in a Tokamak plasma surrounded by a resistive wall Cole PP
2017 Sweeney, Ryan Relationship between locked modes and disruptions in the DIII-D tokamak Volpe PP
2017 Tian, Xiaochuan Nonlocal models with a finite range of nonlocal interactions Du AM
2017 Watson, Alexander Dynamics of Wave Packets in Locally Periodic Structures Weinstein AM
2017 Weisman, Andrew Using polarized Raman spectroscopy and the pseudospectral method to characterize molecular structure and function Friesner SS
2016 Adak, Olgun Impact of Electrode Properties on Charge Transport Dynamics of Molecular Devices Venkataraman SS
2016 Dandapani, Aditi Enlargement of Filtration and the Strict Local Martingale Property in Stochastic Differential Equations Protter/Polvani AM
2016 Harnett, Sean Optimization methods for power grid reliability Bienstock AM
2016 Huges, Paul MHD effects of a ferritic wall on tokamak plasmas Navratil PP
2016 Isaacs, Eric Electronic structure and phase stability of strongly correlated electron materials Marianetti MSE
2016 Lee-Thorp, James Bifurcation perspective on topologically protected and non-protected states in continuous systems Weinstein AM
2016 Liu, Jiaxing Deposition and characterization of magnetron sputtered β-Tungsten thin films Barmak MSE
2016 Peng, Qian Improved magnetic feedback system on the fast rotating kink mode Mauel PP
2016 Scarabelli, Diego Avanced quantum electronic and spin systems: Artificial graphene and nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond Wind SS
2016 Shaevitz, Dan Extreme weather: subtropical floods and tropical cyclones Sobel AM
2016 Stoafer, Christopher Study of kink modes and error fields through rotation control with a biased electrode Mauel PP
2016 Wang, Jin Melting in Superheated Silicon Films Under Pulsed-Laser Irradiation Im MSE
2016 Wang, Sheng Artificial Graphene in Nano-patterned GaAs Quantum Wells and Graphene Growth by Molecular Beam Epitaxy Pinczuk SS
2016 Wang, Ying Investigation of Melting and Solidification of Thin Polycrystalline Silicon Films via Mixed-Phase Solidification Im MSE
2016 Zhang, Datong Hybridization of Van Der Waals materials and closed-packed nanoparticle monolayers Herman SS
2015 Capozzi, Brian Environmental Control of Charge Transport through Single Molecule Junctionsmental Control of Charge Transport through Single Molecule Junctions Venkataraman SS
2015 Chuang, Philip Development and Characterization of Ion Encapsulated Liposomes for Vesicle-mediated Biomineralization Luu MSE
2015 Guo, Chenxi Anisotropic Inverse Problems with Internal Measurements Bal AM
2015 Jenkinson, Michael Bifurcation of On-site and Off-site Solitary Waves of Discrete Nonlinear Schrödinger Type Equations Weinstein AM
2015 Li, Yi Novel torques on magnetization measured through ferromagnetic resonance Bailey MSE
2015 Li, Zhisheng Surface Chemistry Studies of Transition Metal Oxides: Titanium Oxide and Iron Oxide Osgood SS
2015 Martin, William George Kulesz Advancements for three-dimensional remote sensing of the atmosphere Cairns AM
2015 Özturk, Hande Computational Analysis of Diffraction in Ideal Nanocrystalline Powders Noyan MSE
2015 Roberts, Thomas "Max" Local regulation of interchange turbulence in a dipole-confined plasma torus using current injection feedback Mauel PP
2015 Shi, Chenyang Local Structure and Lattice Dynamics Study of Low Dimensional Materials Using Atomic Pair Distribution Function and High Energy Resolution Inelastic X-Ray Scattering Billinge MSE
2015 Treger, Mikhail Characterization of Room Temperature Recrystallization Kinetics in Electroplated Copper Thin Films Noyan MSE
2015 Vukicevic, Iva Bifurcation of localized eigenstates of perturbed periodic Schrödinger operators  Weinstein AM
2015 Yan, Yan Smooth and Robust Solutions for Dirichlet Boundary Control of Fluid-Solid Conjugate Heat Transfer Problems Keyes AM
2015 Yang, Xiaohao Study of Complex Structure Using Mixed Data and Complex Modeling Billinge MSE
2014 Angelini, Sarah High-Speed Videography on HBT-EP Mauel PP
2014 Batra, Arunabh The Effect of Electrode Coupling on Single Molecule Device Characteristics: An X-Ray Spectroscopy and Scanning Probe Microscopy Study  Venkataraman SS
2014 Cheng, Cheng Materials Optimization and GHz Spin Dynamics of Metallic Ferromagnetic Thin Film Heterostructures Bailey MSE
2014 DeBono, Bryan How Rotation affects Instabilities and the Plasma Response to Magnetic Perturbations in a Tokamak Plasma  Mauel PP
2014 Dwyer, John Projected Changes in the Annual Cycle of Surface Temperature and Precipitation Due to Greenhouse Gas Increases  Biasutti / Sobel AM
2014 Gu, Yu Probabilistic Approaches to Partial Differential Equations with Large Random Potentials  Bal AM
2014 Penzo, Erika Directed biomolecular assembly of functional nanodevices Wind SS
2013 Goluskin, David Zonal flow driven by convection and convection driven by internal heating Keyes / Spiegel AM
2013 Kramer, Theodore Jervey Functional Nanocomposites Formed by Two-step Back-filling Methods Herman SS
2013 Orbe, Clara Tracer-Independent Approaches to Stratosphere-Troposphere Exchange and Tropospheric Air Mass Composition Polvani AM
2013 Rath, Nikolaus GPU-based, Microsecond Latency, Hecto-Channel MIMO Feedback Control of Magnetically Confined Plasmas Mauel PP
2013 Stiles, Matthew Pressure profiles of plasmas confined in the field of a dipole magnet Mauel PP
2013 Tandon, Neil Francis What is Driving Changes in the Tropospheric Circulation? New Insights from Simplified Models  Polvani AM
2013 Widawsky, Jonathan R. Probing Electronic and Thermoelectric Properties of Single Molecule Junctions Venkataraman SS
2013 Worstell, Matthew Symmetry Breaking and the Inverse Energy Cascade in a Plasma Mauel PP
2013 Wu, Qi Analytical Solutions of the SABR Stochastic Volatility Model  Glasserman / Keyes AM
2013 Zhang, Ningyao Homogenization of Partial Differential Equations with Random, Large Potential  Bal AM
2012 Akey, Austin Joseph Nanomaterials from Nanocomponents: Synthesis and Properties of Hybrid Nanomaterials Herman SS
2012 Berry, Sean Lawrence Transit Dosimetry for Patient Treatment Verification with an Electronic Portal Imaging Device Wuu MP
2012 Chahal, Monica Mixed-Phase Solidification of of Thin Silicon Films on Silicon Dioxide Im MSE
2012 Choi, Min Hwan Pulsed-Laser-Induced Melting and Solidification of Thin Metallic Films  Im MSE
2012 Diehl, Benjamin William Working Up Hills: Dynamics over Sloping Topography with Bottom-Enhanced Diffusion  Thurnherr AM
2012 Frei, Michael Force and Conductance Spectroscopy of Single Molecule Junctions Venkataraman SS
2012 Gaathon, Ophir Incorporation of Nonconventional Crystalline Materials onto the Integrated Photonics Platform Osgood SS
2012 Ganot, Gabriel Seth Laser Crystallization of Silicon Thin Films for Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuits Im MSE
2012 Gao, Jie Chip-scale Photonic Devices for Light-matter Interactions and Quantum Information Processing Wong / Osgood SS
2012 Kamenetska, Maria Single Molecule Junction Conductance and Binding Geometry Venkataraman SS
2012 Levesque, Jeffrey Peter Multimode Structure of Resistive Wall Modes near the Ideal Wall Stability Limit Mauel PP
2012 Li, Li Monte Carlo Simulations of Powder Diffraction at Time-of-Flight Neutron Sources Noyan MSE
2012 Monard, Francois Taming unstable inverse problems: Mathematical routes toward high-resolution medical imaging modalities Bal AM
2012 Shiraki, Daisuke High-Resolution MHD Spectroscopy of External Kinks in a Tokamak Plasma Mauel PP
2012 Wu, Yutian Midlatitude Storm Track Response to Increased Greenhouse Warming Cane AM
2011 Brenner, Paul Confinement of Non-neutral Plasmas in Stellarator Magnetic Surfaces Pedersen PP
2011 Caldwell, Robert Victor Synthesis and electronic transport in single-walled carbon nanotubes of known chirality Hone SS
2011 Chen, Charlton Precision Tuning of Silicon Nanophotonic Devices through Post-Fabrication Processes  Wong / Im MSE
2011 Davis, Timur Fingerprinting analysis of non-crystalline pharmaceutical compounds using high energy X-rays and the total scattering pair distribution function  Billinge MSE
2011 Deng, Yikang The Mechanism of Solid Nucleation in Excimer-Laser-Quenched Liquid SI On SIO2  Im MSE
2011 Hoell, Nicholas McMurray Complex-Analytic Methods in Reconstructive Integral Geometry  Bal AM
2011 Jia, Zhang  Interfacial Studies of Organic Field-Effect Transistors Kymissis / Im MSE
2011 Jing, Wenjia Corrector Theory in Random Homogenization of Partial Differential Equations  Bal AM
2011 Krouse, Kyle  Rossby Wave Radiation and Mutltiple Tropical Cyclone Events Sobel AM
2011 Lazanja, David  Components of the Magnetic Field From Interior and Exterior Sources in Toroidal Geometry Boozer PP
2011 Osting, Braxton Spectral Optimization Problems Controlling Wave Phenomena Weinstein / Keyes AM
2011 Polvino, Sean Accuracy, Precision, and Resolution in Strain Measurements on Diffraction Instruments Noyan MSE
2011 Raj, Anil Large Scale Machine Learning in Biology Wiggins AM
2011 Sarasola Martin, Xabier Plasmas of Arbitrary Neutrality Pedersen PP
2011 Vidne, Michael State-Space Models and Latent Processes in the Statistical Analysis of Neural Data  Wiggins AM
2011 Yuan, Xuefei  Grid Generation Techniques Magentic Reconnection Simulation Keyes AM
2011 Zuev, Yuri  Nanoscale Thermoelectric Energy Conversion Kim AM
2010 Coon, Ethan  Extended Finite Element Methods for Earthquake Simulation Spiegelman AM
2010 Durand de Gevigney, Benoit Theoretical and Numerical Investigation of Transport in the Columbia Non-Neutral Torus Pedersen PP
2010 Han, Melinda  Electronic Transport in Graphene Nanoribbons Kim SS
2010 He, Yuan  Reconstructing Parameters of Electrocardiology Models from Boundary Potential Measurement Keyes AM
2010 Hermans, Rodolfo  Experimental Study of Single Protein Mechanics and Protein Rates of Unfolding Herman / Fernandez SS
2010 Husko, Chad  Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics in III-V Photonic Crystals Weinstein / Wong AM
2010 Knobelspiesse, Kirk Atmospheric Aerosol Optical Property Retrieval With Scanning Polarimeters Sobel / Cairns AM
2010 Lanctot, Matthew  Measurement and Modeling of Three-Dimensional Plasma Equilibria in the DIII-D Tokamak Navratil PP
2010 Ofan, Avishai  Physics of Heavily Implanted Single Crystal Complex Oxides Osgood SS
2010 Shaw-Krauss, Abby  Radiative Decay of Bubble Oscillations in a Compressible Fluid Weinstein AM
2010 Wei, Xiao  Basic Experimental Studies of Ion and Electron Temperature Gradient Instabilities Sen PP
2010 Ying, Andrew  A Rigorous Analysis of the Applicability of Kinematical X-Ray DiffractionTheory to Nano-Structure Characterization Noyan MSE
2010 Zohar, Sioan  High Frequency Magnetization Dynamics of Ferromagnetic Nano-Structures Bailey MSE
2009 Grierson, Brian  Interchange Turbulence in a Dipole-Confined Plasma Mauel PP
2009 Hahn, Michael  Pure Electron Plasma Equilibrium and Transport Jumps in the Columbia non-Neutral Torus Pedersen PP
2009 Hanson, Jeremy  A Kalman Filter for Active Feedback on Rotating External Kink Instabilities in a Tokamak Plasma Navratil PP
2009 Raitano, Joan  Phase stability of ceria -hafnia and zirconia-hafnia nanoparticles and catalysis applications with copper-ceria Chan MSE
2009 So, Woo-Young  Study of Charge Transport of Crystalline Organic Semiconductors Ramirez / Pinczuk SS
2009 Steiner, Rachel  Characterization of Kinetics of Surface Functionalization and Binding of Biologically and Chemically Significant Molecules Chan / Nuckolls MSE
2009 Terenzi, Francesca  Analysis of Tracer Transport in the Atlantic Ocean with Application in the Uptake of Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide Sobel / Hall AM
2009 Zhu, Wubiao  Analysis of Toroidal Momentum Dissipation in High-Beta, Low-Aspect Ratio Tokamak Experiments Sabbagh / Navratil PP
2008 Chen, Zhuoying  Synthesis of Nanocrystals and Nanocrystal Self-Assembly O'Brien MSE
2008 Guan, Yongfeng  Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics in Ferromagnetic Thin Films and Heterostructures Bailey MSE
2008 Jia, Shengguo  Mechanism of the Electrophoretic Assembly of CdSe Nanocrystal Films and their Mechanical Properties Herman SS
2008 Kalenci, Ozgur  A Rigorous Analysis of X-Ray Scattering from Distorted Single Crystals Noyan MSE
2008 Marksteiner, Quinn   Studies of Non-neutral Ion Electron Plasmas Confined on Magnetic Surfaces Pedersen PP
2008 Purewal, Meninder  Electron Transport in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Kim / Pinczuk SS
2008 Schmitt, Ron  Inverting the Biot-Savart Integral in the Context of Stellarator Coil Determination Boozer AP
2008 Simpson, Gideon  The Mathematics of Magma Migration Spiegelman/Weinstein AM
2008 Zhang, Mutian   Quantitative Measurement of Tumor Hypoxia Response to Mild Temperature Hyperthermia Treatment in HT29 Tumors Mauel/Humm PP
2007 Albert-Andelman, Tamar  Zinc Oxide Nanocrystals:  Synthesis, Characterization, and Optical Properties O'Brien MSE
2007 Gong, YinYan  Investigation of Wide Band Gap Semiconductors:  Electrical, Optical, and Structural Properties Neumark MSE
2007 Hazair, Sharona Nucleation-Initiated Solidification of Thin Silicon Films Im MSE
2007 Hultman, Kristi  Development of Targeted Phospholipid Coated g-Fe2O3 Nanoparticles as MR Contrast Agents O'Brien / Brown MSE
2007 Katsuro-Hopkins, Oksana Optimized Feedback Control System Modeling of Resistive Wall Modes for Burning Plasmas Experiments Navratil / Boozer PP
2007 Kremer, Jason The Creation and First Studies of Electron Plasmas in the Columbia Non-neutral Torus Pedersen PP
2007 Lefrancois, Remi The Equilibrium of Electron Plasmas Confined on Magnetic Surfaces Pedersen PP
2007 McDonald, Timothy  Optical Studies and Chiral Purification of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Pinczuk / Heben AP
2007 Ortiz, Eugenio  Observation of the Hot Electron Interchange Instability in a High Beta Dipolar Confined Plasma Mauel PP
2007 Pike, Jenna   Synthesis and Redox Behaviors of Copper Oxide and Manganese Oxide Nanoparticles Chan MSE
2007 Roth, Ryan Crystal Ion Slicing of Optical Oxides and Plasmon-Enhanced Optical Applications Osgood QE
2007 Shmatov, Kyrylo  Multi-Product Pricing Models in the Presence of Competition, Innovation and Consumer Memory Keyes / Kachani AM
2007 Wittman, Matthew Stratospheric Influence on Baroclinic Instability Spiegelman AM
2006 Bose, Tulika Search for B0s Oscillations at D0 Evans / Navratil AP
2006 Burns, Samuel Asymptotic Solutions and Radioactive Feedbacks of the Axisymmetric Moist Hadley Circulation Cane AM
2006 Cates, Cory Active Feedback Suppression of Resistive Wall Instabilities on HBT-EP Mauel PP
2006 Cheng, Lili Materials-Based Control of Ultrafast Relaxation in Ferromagnetic Thin Films Bailey MSE
2006 Choi, Jae Beom Pulse-Laser-Induced Melting and Solidification of A1 Thins Films Im MSE
2006 He, Rui Optical Spectroscopy of Single Crystals and Nanoscale Films of Pentacene Pinczuk SS
2006 Herceg, Deborah Regional Climate Modeling Sobel AM
2006 Ibrahim, Noelle Calculation of Elastic Properties of Semiflexible Polymers Based on the Quantum Rotor Isomorphism Berne SS
2006 Lau, June Transmission Electron Microscopy Analysis of Magnetization Reversal Processes in Patterned Permalloy Films, and Dopant Nanoclusters in the ä3-doped ZnSe:Te System Im MSE
2006 Liu, Yuhong  Study of External Kink Stability With a Conducting Wall  Navratil PP
2006 Ren, Kui Inverse Problems in Transport and Diffusion Theory with Applications in Optical Tomograghy Bal AM
2006 Verastegui, Ramon Time Reversal for Acoustic Waves in Random Media: Applications to Underwater Communications)   Bal AM
2006 Vunni, George Mechanical Hystersis in Iron: Magnetomechanical Damping (MMD), Magnetic Flux Variation and Harmonics at 22.5 KHz Beshers MSE
2006 Yan, Hanfei Modeling of Strain Fields In Semiconductor Single-crystals Using Dynamical Diffraction Theory Noyan MSE
2006 Zhu, Zuoming Epitaxial Growth and Characterization of II-VI Semiconductor, One-Dimensional Nanostructures and Thin Films Osgood SS
2005 Dujovne, Irene Low Lying Excitations and Phase Transitions in the Fractional Quantum Hall Regime and Relaxer Ferroelectrics Pinczuk QE
2005 Joseph, Ilon Controlling Chaos in Hamiltonian Systems: An Algorithm to Improve Stellerator Surfaces Boozer PP
2005 Shchelkunov, Sergey Studies of Wake Fields Set Up by Relativistic Electron Bunches in a Cylindrical Dielectric-Lined Waveguide and Application to Accelerator Physics Marshall QE
2005 Shilov, Mikhail Measurement of the Response of External Kink Modes to Resonant Magnetic Perturbation in HBT-EP Tokamak Plasmas Mauel PP
2005 Yin, Ming Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of Nano-sized Transition Metal Oxides O’Brien MSE
2004 Gianelli, Scott Retrieving Aerosols, Ozone, and NO2 Using MFRSR, RSS, and CIMEL Data Del Genio / Carlson AM
2004 Gu, Yi Optical Investigation of II-VI Semiconductors:  Bulk and Low-Dimensional Structures Neumark MSE
2004 Levitt, Benjamin Global Mode Analysis of Centrifugal and Curvature Driven Interchange Instabilities Mauel PP
2004 Robinson, Richard Phase Transitions in Metal Oxide Nanoparticles as Studied by Raman Scattering Herman SS
2004 Syed, Sheyum Transport Parameters of Electrons at the Interface of GaN and AlGaN Stormer SS
2004 Witten, Matthew A Method for the Quantitative Analysis of Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) Treatment Plan Verification with Radiographic Film and Polymer Gel Dosimeters Marshall / Wuu MP
2004 Zhang, Feng The Phase Stability of Nanocrystalline Ceria, Zirconia, and Their Binary System Chan MSE
2003 Cakmur, Reha Mineral Dust Variability and the Parameterization of Emission Due to Unresolved Scales Miller / Polvani AM
2003 Cho, Hans The Microcrystalline Mode of Solidification in Pulsed-Laser-Melted Ultra-Thin Films of Silicon Im MSE
2003 Gao, Xuan Metallic Behavior and Metal Insulator Transition of Two Dimensional Holes in GaAs Pinczuk / Mills SS
2003 Islam, Mohammad  Electrophoretic Deposition of Multifunctional Nanocrystal Films Herman SS
2003 Kerbage, Charles Turntable Photonic Devices using Microstructured Optical Fibers Eggleton / Heinz QE
2003 Kim, Dongbyum Pulsed-Laser-Induced Lateral Solidification of Thin Silicon Film Im MSE
2003 Liu, Tian Ultrasonic Tissue Characterization Using 2-D Spectrum Analysis Marshall / Lizzi MP
2003 Maslovsky, Dmitry Supression of Nonlinear Frequency Sweeping of Resonant Interchange Modes in a Magnetic Dipole with Applied Radio Frequency Fields Boozer PP
2003 Stinis, Panagiotis Optimal Prediction for the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation Chorin / Chu AM
2002 Adib, Kaveh Molecular-Level Surface Chemistry of Model Single-Crystal Oxide Surfaces with Model Halogenated Compounds Osgood MSE
2002 Fuller, Nicholas Controlling the relative rates of adlayer formulation and removal during the etching of semiconductors in inductively coupled C/2 - AR plasmas. Herman / Donnelly SS
2002 Kaldor, Steffen X-Ray Microbeam Studies of Anticlastic Curvature in Elastically Bent Silicon Beams and Plates Im / Noyan MSE
2002 Merener, Nicolas Jump-Diffusion LIBOR Market Models: Simulation, Derivatives Pricing, and Estimation Glasserman / Chu AM
2002 Rao, Hongling Optical Electromagnetics Simulation of Strongly Reflective Structures for Integrated Photonics Osgood AP
2002 Williams, Jeffrey Calculations of rotation damping in toroidal plasmas Boozer PP
2001 Crowder, Mark “Bert” Microstructural Development In Sequential Lateral Solidification of Thin Si Films Im MSE
2001 Hu, Zonghai Investigation of the H/Si(001) System by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Heinz QE
2001 Mei, Linfeng Twin Engineering for High Critical Current Densities and Twin Boundary Energy Measurement in Melt Processed YBa2Cu3O7-8 Chan MSE
2001 Rivier, Leonard Jet Formation and Equatorial Superrotation in Jupiter’s atmosphere: Numerical Modelling Using a New Efficient Parallel Code Polvani AM
2001 Spanier, Jonathan Optical and Electrochemical Properties of Nanoscale Meterials Herman SS
2001 Sposili, Robert Crystalline Silicon Thin Films for Thin-Film Transistor Applications via Excimer Laser Irradiation Im MSE
2000 Kim, Bosang Optical Properties of Three-Dimensional Arrays of Semiconductor Nanocrystals Herman SS
2000 Luo, Yi Low-Temperature Chemically-Driven Atomatic Layer Epitaxy for II-VI Material Growth Osgood SS
2000 Maurer, David Magnetic Island Dynamics Induced by Rotating Magnetic Perturbations in Tokamak Plasma Navratil PP
2000 Nadle, David Magnetic Feedback Experiments on the m/n = 2/1 Tearing Mode in the HBT-EP Tokamak Mauel PP
2000 Taylor, Erik Effect of Magnetic Islands on the Local Plasma Behavior in a Tokamak Mauel PP
2000 Tsai, Jack Dependence of Transboundary Current on Facets Along Grain Boundaries in YBCO Thin Films Chan MSE
2000 Yu, Guang Computational Problems on Kadomstev-Petviashvili Equation, Symmetric Positive Equations and Turblance Chu AM
1999 Casti, Alexander Studies in Hydrodynamic Stabilities: Double-Diffusive Oscillations and Explosive Gravitational Instability of Interpenetrating Fluids Spiegel AM
1999 Huang, Zhengyu/Johnny Design and Fabrication of Integrated Optical Waveguide Devices Osgood QE
1999 Khan, Khalid Photoinduced Dissociation of n-Alkyl Bromides on GaAs(110) and GaAs(100) Electron and Fragment Dynamics Osgood QE
1999 Kuo, Allen Geostrophic Adjustment and Wave-Vortex Interaction in rotating Shallow Water Polvani AM
1999 Levy, David The Design and Fabrication of Integrated Optical Power Supplies Osgood QE
1999 Qin, Zhifeng Studying RNA folding by fluroescence spectroscopy Pyle QE
1999 Spyropoulos Munn, Chrysanthe A Study of a Complex System: development of Crack Populations Scholz / Chu AM
1998 Eisner, Edward The Effects of Wall Coverage, Symmetry, and Plasma-Wall Separation on the Stability of Tokamak Plasmas Mauel PP
1998 Hu, Martin Hai Design and Laser-Fabrication of Waveguide Components and Integrated Photonic Circuits Osgood SS
1998 Kuskovsky, Igor Studies of Doping Effects in Heavily Doped Wide Bandgap Semiconductors:  Application to ZnSe:N Neumark SS
1998 Lasky, Peter Photo Reactions on (110) Compound Semiconductor Surfaces Osgood QE
1998 Mironidis, Anastasios Core Damage Severity Evaluation by Artificial Intelligence Methods Lidofsky NE
1998 Ponomarev, Artem Monte Carlo Simulations of Isolated Polymer Chains Interacting with a  Strongly Attractive Interface Durning AP
1998 Xiao, Qingjun Effect of Applied Resonant Magnetic Fields on the Measured MHD Mode Structure in a Tokamak Plasma Navratil PP
1997 DiBattista, Mark The Dynamics of Barotropic Vortex Pairs on the Rotating Sphere Polvani AM
1997 Eryigit, Resul Theoretical Analysis of the Optical Properties of GaAs (001) Sufaces and the Strain-Dependent Lattice Properties of Semiconductors Herman QE
1997 Fang, Jyan-Min An Inverse Free Electron Laser Accelerator:  Experiment and Theoretical Interpretation Marshall QE
1997 Garofalo, Andrea Measurement and Interpretation of Eddy Currents Induced in a Segmented Conducting Wall by MHD Instabilities in a Tokamak Mauel PP
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