Yu Wins PowerBridgeNY Grant

Apr 18 2016

A team lead by Prof. Nanfang Yu is one of five recipients of grants from the PowerBridgeNY program to pursue clean energy related research and commercialization. PowerBridgeNY is a New York State funded program that facilitates collaborations between prominent institutions in the downstate, leveraging clean energy innovations emerging from institutional research labs to create more and stronger energy businesses in New York State.

The program will support the team's effort in developing a cool-roof coating. The coating contains designer nanophotonic structures and is able to reduce roof temperature up to 60°F by strongly reflecting solar radiation and efficiently dissipating heat through infrared radiation. The coating has the potential to reduce summertime air-conditioning costs by 20%. The technical experts of team will develop scalable fabrication techniques to make the coatings, aiming to reduce the usage of raw materials by 90% and production costs by 50% compared to the state-of-the art.

The team members of this PowerBridgeNY program have diverse and balanced background in business, nanophotonics, energy modeling, and large scale operations expertise. The technical lead is Prof. Nanfang Yu and the entrepreneurial lead is April Tian.