Wright Receives NumFOCUS Award

Sep 27 2018

Christopher James Wright, a doctoral student from Prof. Simon Billinge's lab, received a NumFOCUS Award.

Wright received this award at the NumFOCUS Summit on September 22, 2018, and was among several award recipients who were recognized for their "substantial contributions to NumFocus projects, to the ecosystem, and to the open source scientific computing movement".

Citation: "Christopher Wright (CJ) is one of the newest members of the conda-forge core team. However, in that short amount of time he has lead a revolution in the automation of conda-forge package updates and migrations. CJ, together with the GSoC student Justin Calamari whom he mentored this summer, implemented what has become affectionately known as “The Bot,” which is a feedstock modification framework capable of “topologically crawling” conda-forge’s dependency graph. This tooling is now being used to solve one the panoply of challenges that face conda-forge on a daily basis. This includes the hardest task to-date: a complete rebuild of all conda-forge packages using new compilers in order to be ABI compatible with modern versions of C++. Thanks to CJ and the rest of the Bot team that worked with him, conda-forge will be able to complete this herculean task in just a few weeks, rather than the years it took to perform previous smaller, more benign migrations."

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