Weinstein Receives SIAM's 2018 Martin Kruskal Prize

Michael I. Weinstein, Professor of Applied Mathematics and Professor of Mathematics, was selected as SIAM's 2018 Martin Kruskal Prize Lecturer.

Apr 02 2018

Prof. Michael Weinstein has won SIAM's 2018 Martin Kruskal Prize.

The award was given in recognition of "Weinstein's long-standing contributions to the study of nonlinear wave phenomena. He has brought ideas and techniques of classical applied mathematics into a modern form and the deep originality of his work has had a lasting impact on both theory and applications. A distinguished researcher and a prolific and inspiring mentor, he represents the best of our applied mathematics community."

Prof. Weinstein will receive the award at the SIAM Conference on Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures in June 2018 in Anaheim, CA.

History of the Prize (SIAM.org): The Martin Kruskal Lecture, established in 2011, is awarded every two years for a notable body of mathematics and contributions in the field of nonlinear waves and coherent structures. The award may be given either for a single notable achievement or for a collection of such achievements.

Martin David Kruskal (1925- 2006) was an American mathematician and physicist. He made fundamental contributions in many areas of mathematics and science, ranging from plasma physics to general relativity and from nonlinear analysis to asymptotic analysis. His single most celebrated contribution was the discovery and theory of solitons. Kruskal received the National Medal of Science in 1993 "for his influence as a leader in nonlinear science for more than two decades as the principal architect of the theory of soliton solutions of nonlinear equations of evolution".

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