New MSE Course - BNL's Advanced Tools and Techniques for Material Characterization

Sep 14 2015
The APAM Department offered a new graduate level course this Fall - MSAE E8235x Selected Topics in Materials Science: Brookhaven National Laboratories’ Advanced Tools and Techniques for Material Characterization.

The seminar course, coordinated by Prof. I. C. Noyan and Dr. Hande Ozturk, featured numerous scientists who introduced advanced characterization and manufacturing techniques deployed at BNL.

Topics, covering both underlying theory and cutting‐edge applications, included principles of X‐ray interactions with matter; synchrotron radiation; X‐ray powder diffraction; X‐ray spectroscopy; biological crystallography; X‐ray photoelectron spectroscopy for chemical analysis; small angle and wide angle X‐ray scattering; X‐ray Emission Spectroscopy (XES) and Resonant Inelastic X‐ray Scattering (RIXS); X‐ray imaging and CDI, and X‐ray microscopy.