Laser Diagnostics and Solid State Physics Laboratory

The Laser Diagnostics and Solid State Physics Laboratory conducts studies in laser spectroscopy of semiconductor thin films and superlattices, and laser diagnostics of thin film processing, in association with the Microelectronics Sciences Laboratories and the Columbia Radiation Laboratory

The Laser Lab focuses primarily on the study of materials under high pressure, laser surface chemical processing, and new semiconductor structures, such as nanostructures.

Semiconductors under current scrutiny include germanium-silicon alloys, gallium nitride, and II-VI semiconductors, such as zinc selenide. Further understanding of these materials is expected to advance microelectronics and optoelectronics. The development of new optical spectroscopic methods for thin film processing diagnostics, such as are used for plasma processing, is also being pursued in the laboratory. The Raman microprobe, laser-induced fluorescence, and photoluminescence are among the optical methods under investigation.