John & Marlene Arbo Bring their Affiliation with Columbia to a Close

May 31 2019

John Arbo was a cornerstone of the graduate program in Medical Physics (MP) from its inception. For 22 years he served as the MP graduate student academic advisor, taught the Radiation Instrumental and Measurement Laboratory courses, and was the coordinator and host of the Medical Physics Seminar. In 2008 APAM recognized John for his “Leadership in the Development and Nurturing of the Medical Physics Program” and for his “Service as Instructor of Outstanding Quality and Dedication.” In 2010 he was appointed Associate in the Discipline of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics.

Marlene Arbo’s tenure with the department spanned 40 years. Initially an assistant for student and academic affairs, she moved on to become APAM Department Administrator and, in 2007, Medical Physics Program Coordinator.

Both John and Marlene value and fondly remember the rewarding experience of engaging with remarkable students and colleagues on the main and the uptown campuses. To contact the Arbos, email [email protected] or [email protected].

John & Marlene Arbo

John & Marlene Arbo

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