Isabel Baransky '16 Named One of Forbes 30 Under 30

Dec 02 2020

Isabel Baransky (B.S.'16, Applied Physics) has been named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in the finance category. She is currently Vice President, Bank of America in San Francisco.

Her profile on Forbes states that she is "an engineer building Bank of America's automated foreign exchange offering, which spans over 80 countries and billions of dollars in transactions annually. She spearheads a multiyear initiative to use machine learning intelligence to improve payments space, and now oversees the firm's largest revenue generating data initiative. Automated FX payments have risen 10-fold in volume since Baransky took over the project as new products have been launched and Baransky has won early promotions to associate, then vice president. She graduated with a B.S. in Applied Physics and a minor in Music from Columbia University."

Isabel is the daughter of APAM alum, Yurij Baransky (Ph.D. ‘87, Applied Physics, concentration in Applied Mathematics) who donated hundreds of physics and mathematics books from his personal collection to the APAM Department graduate student library.

When sharing the good news about his daughter Dr. Baransky wrote, "She says that what her time at APAM taught her is to not be afraid . . . to use Math and Physics-ish reasoning like any other tool, like pen and paper, or tape measures, or analogies or powerpoints or language. It's just part of her toolkit, like breathing."