Garofalo '97 Wins 2021 CAS Award for International Scientific Cooperation

Jan 24 2022

Andrea Garofalo (PhD '97, Applied Physics) is one of the 2021 Winners of the Award for International Scientific Cooperation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He shares the prize with Gretchen Daily, from Stanford University.

"Andrea Garofalo, a senior scientist at the US national fusion facility DIII-D, is a world-renowned authority in plasma physics, and the deputy director of the China-US Fusion Energy Research Center. He pioneered the area of high confinement tokamak plasma physics and magnetohydrodynamic instability, and promoted the development of high fusion gain advanced steady-state operation scenarios for worldwide tokamak devices. 

The cooperation between Andrea Garofalo and the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science (HFIPS) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has lasted for 17 years. The EAST/DIII-D joint task force on experiments and physics research that he leads facilitated the creative achievements of EAST long-pulse high-performance steady-state plasma physics, and accelerated the realization of the EAST scientific goal of one hundred second long-pulse plasma operation at extremely high temperatures (>108℃), winning extensive attention and high praise from the world fusion community. He played a significant role in the joint team focusing on relevant physics research in high performance operation scenarios, thus speeding up China’s exploration of fusion reactor cutting-edge key science, which forms a strong support to the physics design of the China Fusion Engineering Test Reactor (CFETR). 

Andrea Garofalo devoted himself to pushing forward China-US fusion science exchange and cooperation. He’s made outstanding contributions in the area of magnetic confined fusion in both countries, highlighted by the establishment of a bilateral high-level workshop, opening up of new research fields, development of long-term cooperative mechanisms, and cultivation of excellent young scientists." (originally published by the Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Learn more: "Andrea Garofalo Won 2021 CAS Award for International Scientific Cooperation," NewsRoom, HFIPS, CAS, article by ZHAO Weiwei

I have had the privilege and joy of working side by side with many excellent scientists from both US and China on harnessing fusion energy that powers the sun and the stars, in a shared vision to provide a clean and abundant energy for all humankind. This experience has taught me that science for the progress of humanity has no boundaries. Continued worldwide cooperation on science's biggest challenges will ensure a bright future for our children and grandchildren.

Andrea Garofalo
(quote originally published by the NewsRoom, HFIPS, CAS)