Columbia Scientists Present Results at 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference

Oct 18 2010

Columbia scientists, adjunct faculty, and alumni recently presented their latest results at the 23rd International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Fusion Energy Conference in Daejeon, Korea from October 11-16, 2010.

Dr. Darren Garnier, APAM Research Scientist, gave a lecture on “Turbulent Particle Pinch in Levitated Superconducting Dipole” and also presented the results from the partner experiment RT-1 located at the University of Tokyo.

Dr. Steve Sabbagh, Adjunct Professor of Applied Physics and APAM Alumnus (Ph.D. ‘90, Plasma Physics), presented a talk entitled “Resistive Wall Mode Stabilization and Plasma Rotation Damping Considerations for Maintaining High Beta Plasma Discharges in NSTX”.

Dr. Holger Reimerdes, former APAM Research Scientist, presented a lecture on, “Non-ideal Modifications of 3D Equilibrium and Resistive Wall Mode Stability Models in DIII-D”.

Also making presentations were APAM alumni, Prof. Chris Hegna (PhD. ‘89, Plasma Physics), now at University of Wisconsin, who reported, on “High-beta physics of magnetic islands in 3-D equilibria”, and Dr. M.S. Chu (Ph.D. ‘71, Plasma Physics), now at General Atomics, who presented a report entitled, “Response of a Resistive and Rotating Tokamak to External Magnetic Perturbations Below the Alfvénic Frequency”.

This is the largest international fusion conference ever sponsored by the IAEA, indicating the growing world-wide activity to develop environmentally-friendly fusion energy. For more information, please see: