Chan Wins Tan Chin Tuan Fellowship

Jan 01 2004

Prof. Siu-Wai Chan was awarded the 2004 Tan Chin Tuan Fellowship from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Siu-Wai Chan is a Professor of Materials Science and Engineering in the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics within the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University in New York City. She received her doctoral degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Materials Science and Engineering and her B.S. from the Henry Krumb School of Mines of Columbia University in Metallurgy and Materials Science. She was a principle researcher at Bellcore (as part of Bell Labs in 1984 and part of SAIC since 1995), NJ for five years before teaching at Columbia University. She holds three US patents and has over 100 publications.

Dr. Chan’s research goal is to better understand boundaries and interfaces and their associated defect structure and chemistry. Her recent research interests are in oxide nano-particles, their phase stability and their applications in catalysis, microelectronics, and solid oxide fuel cells.

Among the awards and honors she has received are the DuPont Faculty Award in 1991 & 1992, the Presidential Faculty Fellow (from the White House and NSF) in 1993, the IBM Faculty Award 1998, Guggenheim Fellowship in 2003, Advance Fellowship (from University of Washington and NSF) in 2004, and the Tan Chin Tuan Fellowship in 2004.

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