Ben Levitt's Vision for Clean Sustainable Energy

Jun 27 2021

Dr. Ben Levitt (PhD '04, Applied Physics) was recently interviewed by the Energy Impact Center.

He is Director of Research and Development, Zap Energy ( Dr. Levitt graduated from Columbia University with his PhD in applied physics in 2004 after completing new investigations of centrifugal and curvature driven instabilities in a laboratory magnetosphere. After graduation, he was a research scientist and fellow at Harvard and located at CERN where he studied trapping of anti-matter. From 2008 to 2020, Dr. Levitt was a Senior Research Scientist at Schlumberger where he worked on the development of industrial accelerator technology and sensor technologies. Now, as Director of R&D at Zap Energy, Levitt is managing a talented team of engineers and physicists to commercialize fusion energy technologies based upon the shear-flow stabilized Z-pinch.

Listen to Dr. Levitt’s interview and learn more about his accomplished career and his vision for clear sustainable energy.

Ep 317: Ben Levitt - Director of Research and Development, Zap Energy

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