2022 Senior Design Projects

May 10 2022
Materials Science seniors presented research projects at the annual Senior Design Expo on May 5, 2022. They set up their posters a day early in the APAM Department to show their presentations to the APAM faculty, researchers, and fellow students.

Participants included:

Jonathan Katz
Laser-Induced Crystallization of Multilayer Amorphous Si Thin Films

Alexander Killips
Laser Synthesis and Processing of SiC

Haolan Sun
Characterizing Nano-ceria Particles by XRD follow-up with Pair Distribution Function Analysis

Shiyi Yuan
Thermoreflectance based thermal microscope

Ruiwen Zhang
Indigo Dye as an Ecofriendly Material in Lithium-ion Batteries With Graphene Oxide Coated Separator

See more photos of the 2022 Senior Design Expo on May 5, 2022

Senior Design Expo 2022