2019 NY Scientific Data Summit

Jun 10 2019

APAM faculty and researchers were featured speakers in the 2019 NY Scientific Data Summit.

Gavin Schmidt, Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, presented an opening keynote lecture on Challenges in Climate Science in an Era of Big Data; Michael Tippett, Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics (along with Qidong Yang and Chia-Ying Lee from Columbia University and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory), presented a talk on Improved Forecasts and Understanding of Hurricanes; Qiang Du, the Fu Foundation Professor of Applied Mathematics (along with Kun Wang and Wai-Ching Sun from Columbia University), presented a talk on A Multiscale Meta-Modeling Game for Fluid-Infiltrating Porous Media; and David Keyes, APAM Adjunct Professor and Full Professor at KAUST, gave the closing keynote lecture on The Convergence of Big Data and Large-Scale Simulation: Leveraging the Simulation-Data-Edge Continuum for Science.

The 2019 NY Scientific Data Summit, was jointly co-organized by the Computing Systems for Data-Driven Science Center in the Columbia Data Science Institute and Brookhaven National Laboratory's new Computational Science Initiative. The event took place in Davis Auditorium, from June 12-14, and featured speakers from six regional universities (Columbia, Rutgers, Stony Brook, Yale, Princeton, UPenn); four national labs (BNL, ORNL, ANL, LBL); major institutes (Flatiron, NASA GISS), a major local lab (DE Shaw Research); major company (Cray); and several other top universities (Cambridge, UT Austin, U. Chicago, TU Dresden, Max Planck Institute Dresden).