2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium

Oct 15 2014

Several APAM undergraduate students presented posters at the third annual SEAS Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium on Tuesday, October 7, 2014, in the Teatro Italiano. This event was hosted by SEAS Undergraduate Student Affairs and Global Programs, the Engineering Student Council, and the Columbia Undergraduate Scholars Program.


Name: Ari Turkiewicz, Applied Physics '14, Egleston Scholar (above)
Superviser: Xavier Roy, Chemistry
Research: "Molecular Clusters as Building Blocks for Solid-State Materials"

Name: Haris A. Durrani, Applied Physics '15, Egleston Scholar
Superviser: Michael Massimino, Mechanical Engineering
Research: "Space Debris: Observation, Mitigation, Remediation & their Legal Factors"

Name: Anton Baleato Lizancos, Applied Physics '16, Egleston Scholar (above & below)
Superviser: Gemma Anderson, Jess Broderick, & Rob Fender, Physics, Univ. of Oxford
Research: "LOFAR-discovered Supernova remnants"

Name: Lucas Zeppetello, Applied Physics '16 (above)
Superviser: Francesco Volpe, Applied Physics
Research: "A 'True' Phase Shifting Circuit for Turbulence Suppression in Plasma Physics Experiments"

Name: Sean Ballinger, Applied Physics '16, Egleston Scholar (above)
Superviser: David Humphreys, General Atomics
Research: "Optimizing Plasma Boundary Control in Superconducting Tokamaks"