Daniel N. Beshers  

Daniel Beshers

Professor Emeritus Metallurgy, H. Krumb School of Mines; Special Lecturer in Earth and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests

Mechanical properties, especially losses of energy in dynamic processes Magnetic hysteresis losses and magnetomechanical damping Interstitial impurities

Research Areas



University of Illinois, Ph.D. (Physics) 1956

University of Illinois, M.S. (Physics) 1951

Swarthmore College, B.A. (Mathematics) 1949

Selected Publications

"Eddy Current Damping Revisited", Materials Science and Engineering A, vol 521-522, pp 190-193 (2009)

D. N. Beshers, G. B. Vunni, "Topological Hysteresis as a Model for Rayleigh Damping", Materials Science and Engineering A442,191-194 (2006) (with G. B. Vunni)

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